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faq / in-person healing 

What is an in-person Reiki / healing energy session like?

The cozy healing space at Resilience has been thoughtfully designed, decorated and furnished to support relaxation and healing. To harmonize and balance the flow of energy in the space, the room is energetically cleared before each session.


During your session, you will be fully clothed and relaxing in a semi-reclined position on softly padded spa table. Pillows, a blanket and a leg bolster are available for your comfort. Soothing music, healing tones, chants or nature sounds will be playing in the background and the lighting will be dimmed.

Before beginning, I will ask if you have a healing intention. This can help guide where energy goes. But if you have no specific intention, that is totally OK. Energy has a way of going where it is needed most.


To support your healing, I may place my hands lightly on, around or above your head, neck, shoulders, collarbone, solar plexus, knees, ankles or feet and hold them in position for up to several minutes. I may rotate among these positions a number of times, and may also include elbows, wrists or hands depending on the guidance I receive.

If light touch is uncomfortable for you, it is possible to transfer healing energy without touch. I will check in with you about your touch sensitivity before beginning your session and adjust my approach accordingly.

optional complementary therapies

If you request shamanic work or if any is indicated as part of your healing journey, we will review the process before proceeding. Shamanic practices involved may include:


In-person sessions may also include one or more of the following therapeutic enhancements depending on your energetic needs and preferences.

  • Tao pillow therapies (hot stone, far-infrared and negative ion) targeting neck and shoulders are offered during every session.

  • sound healing 


Whereas Reiki / healing energy works with you primarily through light touch, the following do so through sound energy, through vibrations. All of these sound modalities work beautifully and synergistically with Reiki / healing energy. Based on your preferences and how your energy "reads," I may suggest using one or more of these during your session.

+ chakra or Om bronze singing bowls which have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes

+ crystal singing bowls, a relatively new sound healing tool used in biofield cleansing sound baths

+ Solfeggio or Biofield Tuning® tuning forks that can help clear and re-tune various aspects of a person's biofield thus prompting symptomatic relief of various discomforts and supporting deep healing

+ nightwaves ocean drum, a wonderful instrument for enhancing the Reiki / healing energy experience by creating a sense of calm and relaxation

+ Koshi chimes, the harmonic properties of which create delightful therapeutic sounds that help increase levels of chi, of good energy

+ shamanic inspired drumming/rattling, traditionally used to shift energy and alter brain waves to induce a state of consciousness suitable for shamanic journeying and healing

What will I feel during my session?

You may experience Reiki / healing energy as flowing heat or cold, pulsing, tingling, a vibration or any number of other sensations in various locations throughout your body. Or you may not notice anything at all. Regardless of what you feel or do not feel, the energy is working in a way that is best for you.

Most likely you will want to be silent with your eyes closed during the entire session, maybe even falling asleep. However some people feel like talking through what is going on with them, or possibly laughing or crying as the energy is working. Whatever you feel is what's right for you. It's all part of your own unique healing process.

How many sessions will I need and how frequently should I schedule?


Healing of any kind usually requires more than one session, but not always. As you begin to heal, trust your instincts.


Some clients choose to schedule every couple weeks or so when they feel a need for extra healing support. Others schedule every, or every other month for regular ongoing support. Yet others schedule only when a specific healing need arises - maybe a few times a year or less.  


There really is no typical - or recommended - pattern for scheduling your sessions. Again, the best advice is to trust your instincts about when and how frequently to schedule. 


Remember that even if you aren't facing challenges to your health or well-being, receiving Reiki / healing energy can tune-up your energetic resources helping you live your life even more fully and joyfully.


If you are seeking Reiki / healing energy for a medical condition, it is imperative for you to know that to heal does not necessarily mean to be cured. For example when faced with a chronic debilitating disease, having pain minimized or eliminated and being able to sleep comfortably can significantly increase quality of life. Though the underlying disease is not cured, experiencing results such as these which are common with Reiki / healing energy can certainly be described as healing.

It is important to remember that Reiki / healing energy is NOT a substitute for, but rather is complementary to, conventional medical treatment. Always consult a licensed medical professional if you have concerns about your physical or emotional health.

How long are sessions

Sessions of various lengths are available. Please see session options for details.

Are sessions appropriate for children?

Children can benefit from Reiki / healing energy just as their adult counterparts do. 


However, to receive an in-person session at Resilience, clients need to remain on the spa table for the entire length of their session. Unfortunately, moving about is not possible in my small healing space which may be challenging for some children.


Though pre-teens and teens may be able to comfortably receive an in-person session, distance healing is likely a better option for young children.

How much do sessions cost?


Reiki / healing energy is free. It is a gift that is channeled through the practitioner. What I charge for a session helps cover expenses associated with my practice such as ongoing training, professional memberships and insurance, and a modest reimbursement for my time.

If you love the services you received and would like - and can easily afford - to leave a little something in my tip jar, I would very much appreciate it! But if you don't or can't, no worries. That's totally OK! Tip donations help to ensure that I will be able to continue offering affordable sessions.

Where are in-person sessions held?

All sessions are held in the Resilience healing space located in the Hiawatha neighborhood of south Minneapolis MN USA. Your session confirmation email will include the address.

When are sessions offered?

Sessions are available in the afternoon and early evening on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as during the afternoon on Fridays and Saturdays. Check my availability and schedule with me here.

If you have questions or concerns that you would like me to address before scheduling, please message me.

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