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faq / distance healing


Because Reiki / healing energy is not bound by space or time and because we are all connected energetically, distance healing can be every bit as effective as an in-person session in helping to accelerate healing on multiple levels (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual), to reduce pain and discomfort, to facilitate deep relaxation and quality sleep, and to improve well-being.


What is a distance Reiki / healing energy session like?

Before your session, you will need to identify a quiet, cozy space to receive healing where you won't be disturbed or interrupted. This space can be either inside or outside if you find the weather pleasant and have access to a private location.


Make sure you have everything you will need to sit or lie down comfortably for half an hour such as pillows and a blanket. Soft lighting and relaxing music are recommended but not essential. If you would like to have music during your session and don't have suitable options readily available, you may want to check out the YouTube links to free mediation music on the resources page.


If you find it difficult to stay sitting or reclining for the entire session, feel free to move about. Remaining in one position is not necessary for the healing energy to do its work.

During your session, I will be in my healing space sending Reiki / healing energy to you as if you were physically present. You may feel the same kinds of sensations (heat, cool, tingling ...) that you would feel during an in-person session as the energy is working with you. And just as during in-person sessions, sometimes you may be unaware of the energy working. But it is! Energy shifts can be very subtle.

shamanic oracle cards

As part of your session, I will also do an oracle card reading for you using one of two shamanic decks to see what message Spirit may have for you. If you find this message helpful, great! If not, just let the energy speak for itself. I will contact you after your session by email with any information or feedback I receive for you during your session.

If requested, I will do a power animal retrieval for you instead of an oracle card reading.

power animal oracle cards

After your session, you may find that you want to relax. Or you might feel energized, ready to get up and start moving. Whichever it is, honor the process knowing that it's what's right for you. In any case, it's a good idea not to schedule a commitment immediately following your session to give you some time to integrate the energy you received.

What are the logistics for connecting with me during my session?

During your session, we will be connected energetically only. No phone call or web meeting is involved. Some practitioners do connect with phone calls or web interfaces during sessions. But for how I work, I find them to get in the way. No method is inherently better or worse, just different.

What if I schedule a session during my usual sleep time?

Those who do shift work or are in different time zones may find that distance sessions scheduled with me occur during the time they are normally asleep. This is not a problem! Just go to bed as usual. You do not have to be awake to receive healing energy! In fact, many clients fall asleep during their sessions regardless of their sleep cycles or the time of day.

How many sessions will I need and how frequently should I schedule?


Healing of any kind usually requires more than one session, but not always. As you begin to heal, trust your instincts.


Some clients choose to schedule every couple weeks or so when they feel a need for extra healing support. Others schedule every, or every other month for regular ongoing support. Yet others schedule only when a specific healing need arises - maybe a few times a year or less.  


There really is no typical - or recommended - pattern for scheduling your sessions. Again, the best advice is to trust your instincts about when and how frequently to schedule. 


Remember that even if you aren't facing challenges to your health or well-being, receiving Reiki / healing energy can tune-up your energetic resources helping you live your life even more fully and joyfully.


If you are seeking Reiki / healing energy for a medical condition, it is imperative for you to know that to heal does not necessarily mean to be cured. For example when faced with a chronic debilitating disease, having pain minimized or eliminated and being able to sleep comfortably can significantly increase quality of life. Though the underlying disease is not cured, experiencing results such as these which are common with Reiki / healing energy can certainly be described as healing.

It is important to remember that Reiki / healing energy is NOT a substitute for, but rather is complementary to, conventional medical treatment. Always consult a licensed medical professional if you have concerns about your physical or emotional health.

How long is a distance session?

Distance sessions are a half hour in length.

Are sessions appropriate for children?

Yes! Children can benefit from Reiki / healing energy just as their adult counterparts do. However, though most adults tend to receive healing energy better when comfortably sitting or reclining, this is generally not true for children, especially young children.


Unlike during in-person sessions where clients are expected to remain on a spa table for their entire session, distance sessions allow for more flexibility in positioning. During distance sessions, it is totally OK for children to move about freely in their own environment as the energy is doing its work.

How much does a session cost?

Reiki / healing energy is free. It is a gift that is channeled through the practitioner.


What I charge for a session helps cover expenses associated with my practice such as ongoing training, professional memberships and insurance, and a modest reimbursement for my time.

If you love the services you received and would like - and can easily afford - to leave a little something in my tip jar, I would very much appreciate it! But if you don't or can't, no worries. That's totally OK! Tip donations help to ensure that I will be able to continue offering affordable sessions.

When are sessions offered?

Sessions are available in the afternoon and early evening on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as during the afternoon on Fridays and Saturdays - referenced in Minneapolis MN US times in the Central Time Zone (GMT −06:00).


You can check my availability, convert session times to your local time as needed, and schedule with me here.

If you have questions or concerns that you would like me to address before scheduling, please message me.

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