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Sue Aumer, PhD is a seasoned internationally known Reiki Master practitioner / energy worker whose healing work is significantly influenced by shamanism, Qigong and intuitive healing.


In 2018, Sue founded Resilience: Healing Energy by Sue Aumer located in Minneapolis MN USA where she provides

  • in-person healing sessions with therapeutic enhancements such as sound healing and full body heat mat therapies, and shamanic work if indicated,

  • distance healing sessions with oracle card reading or power animal retrieval, and

  • Distance healing sessions for animals.

Sue Aumer

These sessions can help accelerate healing on multiple levels, reduce pain and discomfort, facilitate deep relaxation and quality sleep, and improve well-being - essentially helping to optimize all aspects of health so her clients and their companion animals can live life more fully.


Sue has supported clients throughout the world of all ages, genders, sexual preferences and ethnicities on their own unique healing journeys.

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