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faq / distance healing for animals

Our companion animals benefit from Reiki / healing energy just as we humans do. This is not surprising since we are all part of the web of life and share in the same universal energy.


As with humans, animals receiving Reiki / healing energy can experience

  • accelerated healing on multiple levels,

  • reduced pain and discomfort,

  • deep relaxation and better sleep, and

  • improved well-being.

​What are distance sessions for animals like?

Distance sessions for animals are half an hour in length. During their session, it is important to let your animal move about freely in their usual environment. Depending on the species, this could be a room in your home, the backyard, a paddock, stall or bird cage. The reason for this is to give your animal the opportunity to accept Reiki / healing energy on their own terms and in their own way. Only restrain your animal's movement if it is necessary for your animal's, or for your or their the caretaker's, safety.


You and other caretakers may be present during the session, but you don't have to be. Anyone who is present should stay calm and not initiate any interactions with your animal: Do not call or hold your animal. As with humans, distractions can interfere with the process. However if your animal chooses to initiate contact with you, then reciprocating is completely OK if it is safe to do so.


As the healing energy begins to flow, you may notice your animal beginning to show signs of relaxation typical for your animal's species or for your companion animal in particular. These signs may but will not necessarily include behaviors such as slowed breathing, curling up, falling asleep, lowering of the head, grazing or falling asleep. When the energy work feels complete to your animal, you may notice relaxation ending and resumption of activities.


Animals may be open to receiving energy anywhere from a few minutes to however long the practitioner is sending it. However, because animals tend to be more open to energy healing than humans, their energy adjustments tend to happen much faster than in their human counterparts. As a result, you may not see any indication at all during the session that your animal has received healing energy. You may only observe changes afterward.


It is important to recognize that occasionally an animal may not want healing energy. You might see this displayed in your animal by their retreating, continuing to be active or becoming active with no signs of relaxation. In such situations, the animal's choice must be respected. Remember that Reiki / healing energy does no harm so even if it is sent to an animal who does not want it, there will be no side effects or discomfort for the animal.

After the session, you will receive post session notes by email that briefly describe how the session went and may include messages that your companion animal wants passed on to you, if any are received. If you have questions or concerns about the session or about your animal's response, please contact me by responding to the post session email or message me.

What are the logistics for connecting with my animal during their session?

During your animal's session, I will connect with them energetically only. No phone call or web meeting is involved. Some practitioners do connect with phone calls or web interfaces during sessions. But for how I work, I find them to get in the way. No method is inherently better or worse, just different.

What if I schedule a session during my or my animal's usual sleep time?

Scheduling a distance session during your or your animal's usual sleep time is not a problem! Neither you nor your animal needs to be awake for your animal to receive healing energy. In fact, animals may choose to fall asleep during their session even if they are commonly active at that time.

How many sessions will my animal need?

As with humans, healing of any kind usually requires more than one session, but not always. And remember that even if your animal's health is not compromised, receiving Reiki / healing energy regularly can help your animal maintain physical and mental well-being.

If you are seeking healing for a medical condition your animal is experiencing, it is important to remember that to heal can, but does not necessarily mean to cure. For example when faced with a chronic debilitating disease, having pain minimized or eliminated and being able to rest comfortably can significantly increase your animal's quality of life. Though the underlying disease is not cured, experiencing results such as these which are common with Reiki / healing energy can certainly be described as healing.


NOTE: It is important to remember that Reiki / healing energy is NOT a substitute for, but rather is complementary to, conventional medical treatment. Always consult a licensed veterinarian if you have concerns about your animal's physical or emotional health.

How much does a session cost?

Reiki / healing energy is free. It is a gift that is channeled through the practitioner.


What I charge for a session helps cover expenses associated with my practice such as ongoing training, professional memberships and insurance, and a modest reimbursement for my time.

If you love the services you received and would like - and can easily afford - to leave a little something in my tip jar, I would very much appreciate it!  Tip donations help to ensure that I will be able to continue offering affordable sessions. Thank you!

How do I schedule a distance session for my animal?

Sessions are available in the afternoon and early evening on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as during the afternoon on Fridays and Saturdays - referenced in Minneapolis MN US times in the Central Time Zone (GMT −06:00). You can check my availability, convert session times to your local time as needed, and schedule with me here.

After your session is confirmed, you will receive an email including helpful tips for the session as well as a request for general information about your companion animal (name, species, gender and age) and your healing intention for your animal.

If you have questions or concerns that you would like me to address before scheduling, please message me.

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