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soul retrieval

At Resilience, soul retrieval is an optional shamanic practice available to in-person clients depending on their individual needs and preferences.

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What is soul loss and how does it happen?


In shamanic traditions, soul loss is a fragmentation of our essence triggered by emotional pain or shock. The fragments lost are parts of our vitality that we are no longer able to access.

Soul loss can result from traumas such as long term illness, ongoing conflict, persistent stress, chronic overwork, broken relationships, or even losing connection with nature.


It is almost a given that soul loss will occur with severe traumas such as physical or mental abuse, serious accidents, or serving or living in a warzone, especially if at a young age.


How can I tell if I might have soul loss?

Soul loss can manifest in a variety of ways such as

  • feeling different, not right, since a certain time or event,

  • lack of joy,

  • feeling disconnected,

  • not feeling like yourself,

  • not feeling fully in your body,

  • feeling like something is “off,” or

  • feeling like something is missing.

How do you retrieve soul fragments?

In my role as a shamanic practitioner and with the assistance of helping spirits, I shamanically journey into nonordinary reality to find the missing portions of my client's soul. This involves energetically retrieving these soul fragments, usually one at a time, and giving them the voice and healing they need to willingly come back to my client.


I then return each retrieved soul fragment, one by one, to my client through their heart chakra. Finally, I welcome the returned fragments home and channel healing energy to my client to support the integration of their newly reunited soul pieces.


Note that this process may take more than one session depending on the extent of the soul loss.

What can I expect after a soul retrieval?

​Full integration of soul fragments takes time. How long depends on the person but it may take several weeks or even longer.  

During integration as your entire being works through and releases residual effects of trauma, you may suddenly and without any trigger experience old trauma-related emotions such as anger or fear, physical symptoms such as unusual body aches or extreme tiredness for no physical reason, or especially vivid dreams. You may find journaling helpful in understanding your healing process.

You can welcome your soul parts home and support their integration by paying special attention to staying hydrated to help with any detoxification that needs to happen, making sure you get adequate rest, moving your body in any way you can to keep your energy vibrant and flowing, spending time in nature, and listening to your heart, your inner voice - the whispers of your soul.

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