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energy intrusion extraction

At Resilience, energy intrusion extraction is an optional shamanic practice available to in-person clients depending on their individual needs and preferences.

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What are energy intrusions and how do they happen?


In shamanic traditions, an energy intrusion is someone else's emotional energy that gets "stuck" to you, often without your knowledge or permission, and causes you harm.


In most cases, intrusions happen unintentionally. For example, if you work in a toxic environment, the unhealthy emotional energies around you may seep into you without you even realizing it.


Sometimes, though, intrusions are intentional. For example, if you are constantly told that you aren't good enough, the destructive energy aimed at you through this message and by the person who relayed it to you can become internalized and imprinted on your energy field.

How can I tell if I might have an energy intrusion?

Energy intrusions can manifest in various ways such as

  • depression,

  • extreme or constant frustration,

  • chronic anger,

  • specific pain disporportionate to any physical cause,

  • emotional heaviness, or

  • complex or persistent nightmares.

How do you remove energy intrusions?

In my role as a shamanic practitioner and with the assistance of helping spirits, I use my "strong eye," my intuition, to locate and clear the energy intrusions. Intrusive energy is neutralized as it is removed so it doesn't reattach to my client or attach to someone else. Depending on the number and "stickiness" of the intrusions, this process could take a significant portion of a session.


Then I channel healing energy to fill the voids left behind by the intrusions. And I balance my client's energy field to help protect against further intrusions.

What should I do after the intrusions are removed?

You can support your healing process by paying special attention to staying hydrated to help with any detoxification that needs to happen, making sure you get adequate rest, moving your body in any way you can to keep your energy vibrant and flowing, and spending time in nature.

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