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crystal singing bowls

At Resilience, crystal singing bowls are optional instruments for sound healing. Their use is dependent on the energetic needs and preferences of each client.


Overview of Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound has been used as a healing tool in various cultures throughout the world for thousands of years in many ways such as with chants, drums, rattles and bronze singing bowls. Crystal singing bowls are a relatively recent addition to the sound healing toolbox.

Crystal singing bowls are made of nearly pure silica sand (quartz) that is spun in a mold and heated to about 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In the center of the mold, an electric arc fuses the individual grains into a bowl shape. When the bowl is cooled and removed from its mold, it is tuned to the desired sound or note through sanding down its surface or trimming its height.

crystal singing bowls

crystal singing bowls

Some special crystal bowls are infused with gemstone particles. These bowls are said to combine the spiritual and healing properties of those gemstones with the sound healing frequencies of the bowl.

Crystal Singing Bowls at Resilience

Five crystal singing bowls with gemstone infusions are used at Resilience:

7" G note moss agate/black tourmaline fusion bowl

moss agate: anti-inflammatory, cleansing, balance, tranquility, abundance, new beginnings

black tourmaline: compassion, gentleness, grounding, protection


6" F note malachite fusion translucent bowl

malachite: heart opening, joy, transformation

7" C note garnet fusion bowl

garnet: revitalization, purification, passion, creativity, strength, empowerment

14" C# smoky quartz fusion and 10" G# amethyst fusion perfect fifth sound interval bowl pair

smoky quartz: stability and grounding

amethyst: serenity, calmness,  spiritual balance

perfect fifth: harmony and equilibrium

Playing these bowls alone and together in various combinations creates a sound bath, a meditative experience where you are “bathed” in sound waves. The general intention of a sound bath is to support relaxation, healing on multiple levels, increased well-being and expanded awareness.

Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Samples

(moss agate/tourmaline, malachite, garnet)



smoky quartz / amethyst pair
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binaural crystal singing bowl pair
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