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Koshi chimes

Koshi chimes

Koshi chimes

At Resilience, Koshi chimes are optional instruments for sound healing. Their use is dependent on the energetic needs and preferences of each client.


Origin of Therapeutic Use of Chimes

For centuries, the Chinese have recognized the therapeutic properties of chime tones. They believe that the harsh background noises of everyday life (such as traffic and construction) disturb our energy flow. They feel we all need our own relaxing soundscape such as that provided by chimes to support healthy energy flow.


The casting of chimes in China has been recorded as early as 1100 BC. When Japan opened shipping ports to the western world in the mid-1800s, chimes made their way to Europe and the Americas.

About Koshi Chimes


Koshi chimes were designed by Kabir, a renowned musician and inventor in southern France.  He had previously designed and produced a somewhat similar chime called the Shanti.


Then in 2009 after 20+ years of experience with chimes, Kabir made significant improvements to the Shanti which has since been retired. He developed a new tuning technique which yielded deeper tones, richer harmonics and full overtones.


The result was the Koshi chime, a perfect instrument to accompany sound baths and sound healings. These unique chimes are crafted in the community of Le Soler situated at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains in southern France.


The Koshi chime is a hollow cylindrical tube made from thin layers of bamboo veneer treated with natural oils giving it a sleek natural look. Inside the tube at its base is a fixed metal plate to which eight thin steel rods are welded.


These rods are meticulously tuned to produce eight notes or tones. All of the tones resonate harmoniously with each other when the suspended clapper taps against them.

Koshi chime interior

inside a Koshi chime

Koshi Chimes and the Four Elements


There are four versions of the Koshi chime representing each of the four elements of nature: fire, earth, air and water. The chimes embody these elements through different tone sequences which tend to invoke the properties of their respective element.

fiery sun

Koshi Ignis represents the element of Fire through the tone sequence G-B-D-G-B-D-G-A.

Fire energy is the creative spark. It represents our passions, the fire within. Fire energy is vision and transformation.

These tones can bring excitement and the motivation to change what no longer serves us.

earth with sprout

Koshi Terra embodies the element of Earth with the tone sequence G-C-E-F-G-C-E-G. 

Earth is the realm of the physical, of stability and of dependability. These tones invoke the grounding and centering properties of Earth.

These tones can give you a peaceful and calming experience.

sky with clouds

Koshi Aria captures the element of Air through the tone sequence A-C-E-A-B-C-E-B.

Air is the most free and ephemeral of the elements. It is the realm of thought, learning, wisdom and communication. Air energy is breath and all things intellectual.

These tones can bring a lightness and movement to your thoughts.

water splash

Koshi Aqua projects the element of Water with the tone sequence A-D-F-G-A-D-F-A.

Water is the realm of emotions. It represents flowing, the subconscious and all things internal. Water energy cleanses and regenerates.

These water tones can inspire your thoughts to flow.


Whether the chimes are played by hand or by the wind, individually or as a group, the harmonic properties of Koshi chimes create delightful therapeutic sounds that help increase levels of chi, of positive energy.

Koshi Chimes Sound Samples

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