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nightwaves ocean drum

At Resilience, the nightwaves ocean drum is an optional instrument for sound healing. Its use is dependent on the energetic needs and preferences of each client.

History of the Ocean Drum

Previously called the geophone, the ocean drum was originally inspired by the ceremonial water drum used by the indigenous North American peoples. In 1972, the water drum was adapted by composer Olivier Messiaen for his orchestral piece Des Canyons Aux Etoiles to simulate the sounds of dry and shifting earth.

nightwaves ocean drum

nightwaves ocean drum

The geophone was later modified to produce the soothing sound of water waves lapping at shorelines in what came to be known as the ocean drum.

Description of the Ocean Drum


Ocean drums are round framed drums of various sizes with a hard, transparent drum head. They are filled with small ball bearings that emulate water wave sounds when gently tilted back and forth. Ocean drums are commonly used in sound healing and for meditation.

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The Nightwaves Ocean Drum

The 16" x 2.5" nightwaves drum used at Resilience is an upgraded version of the ocean drum. Unlike the traditional ocean drum, the head of this drum is soft thus muting the higher notes and producing a mellower sound. The nightwaves ocean drum is a wonderful instrument for enhancing the Reiki / healing energy experience by creating a sense of calm and relaxation.

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