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shamanic drumming and rattling

At Resilience, shamanic inspired drumming and rattling are optional sound healing modalities. Their use is dependent on the energetic needs and preferences of each client.

Overview of Shamanic Drumming and Rattling

Shamanic drumming and rattling, also known as rhythm healing is an ancient technique that uses the resonance of rhythm to promote health and well-being. Virtually every culture on earth has practiced some form of shamanic drumming, and the drumming practices across cultures are strikingly similar.

When we hear drumming or rattling, our bodies, brainwaves and spiritual energy centers naturally vibrate in synchrony. The rhythm patterns of shamanic drumming and rattling can help to restore the vibrational balance of the body, mind and spirit by re-harmonizing the dis-ease patterns that are believed to be causing an illness or an imbalance.

Furthermore, a rhythmic healing session grounds us and connects us to our primordial roots. As the resonating vibrations encompass our beings, our ancient innate healing powers can become energized.

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