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full body heat mat therapies

At Resilience, all sessions are offered on a full body far-infrared (FIR) revitalizing heat mat which also emits beneficial negative ions. There is no additional charge for these therapies.

Overview of Far-Infrared (FIR) Therapy [1]


Far-infrared energy is essentially the same kind of rejuvenating heat you experience in sunlight but without the harmful UV rays. FIR heat, which penetrates up to six inches below the surface of the skin, has been called nature’s pain reliever in that it helps alleviate all types of musculoskeletal discomfort including arthritis pain, muscle spasms and stiffness, back pain, joint aches and muscle tenderness.


Far-infrared energy may also assist with detoxification. It can help reduce water retention and eliminate metals and carcinogens from our bodies. As a result, people often experience a reduction in fatigue and an improvement in focus and energy after FIR therapy.


NB: The level of heat therapy provided by the mat can be customized based on the individual needs and preferences of the client.

Overview of Negative Ion Therapy [2]


Negative ions (oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron) are commonly found in nature, most frequently around bodies of water when exposed to heat (for example, sunlight or lightning), and at lower levels from other sources such as crystals. These ions have been scientifically linked to health and wellness but getting them in sufficient quantities in our daily lives is not always easy.

Unfortunately many of us live in conditions where unhealthy positive ions are far more prevalent than favorable negative ions. Positive ions, produced by appliances and electronics, tend to promote the proliferation of airborne toxins and allergens leading to an increased frequency of illnesses, chronic headaches as well as moodiness and lack of energy.


The tourmaline and jade crystals embedded in the far-infrared mat naturally emit negative ions. When these crystals are heated within the mat, they become activated and produce exponentially more negative ions which help to counteract the harmful effects of our positive ion saturated modern environment. This negative ion therapy supports our physical health, boosts our energy, improves mood and has even been associated with the suppression of symptoms related to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

far-infrared mat

far-infrared mat

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