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2024 May 7

Post-Session Dreams

"Dreams are the whispers of the soul."

- Unknown

Post-session dreams may be unusually vivid and compelling, and filled with rich symbolism and deep personal meaning.

2024 March 5

Have you met your power animal?

When we welcome a power animal as our spirit guide, this animal can help us tap into and develop the personal and spiritual powers we need at a particular time.


2024 January 3

About Distance Reiki / Healing Energy

Because Reiki / healing energy is not bound by space or time and because we are all connected energetically, distance healing can be every bit as effective as an in-person session.



2023 November 1

When Kindness Hurts

Awareness of how kindness can go awry and hurt others as well as ourselves can help guide us on our path to becoming our best and truly kindest selves.

2023 September 5

Digging into Grounding

When we regularly take steps to get and stay grounded, we're much better equipped to live a well balanced, joyful and fulfilling life.

2023 July 6

The Spaces Between

Connecting with our own internal wisdom to live better lives

2023 May 2

Shamanic Influence at Resilience

What shamanism is and why I have chosen to integrate it into my healing work

2023 March 1

Clients Have Questions!

Answers to some common questions clients have asked


2023 January 3

Pain in the Neck?

Resilience offers Tao pillow therapies (hot stone, far-Infrared and negative ion) that target the neck and shoulders.



2022 November 3

Stability within Disruption

Become empowered to effectively deal with disruption and to live life more fully and authentically.

2022 September 3

Stay Tuned! 

... with Biofield Tuning® Fork  

sound balancing.

2022 July 1

Reinforcing your Healing Experience

(PDF 976 KB)

One of the methods I suggest that consistently works for me is meditation. 


2022 May 1

Chiming In

(PDF 688 KB)

About chimes and their use at Resilience

2022 March 3

A Look Inside Reiki

(PDF 626 KB)

What Reiki is and how it works

2022 January 2

New! Crystal Singing Bowls

(PDF 1,134 KB)

Three quartz crystal singing bowls with infused gemstones have been added to the sound healing options available during in-person sessions.


2021 November 24

Happy Holidays!

(PDF 778 KB)

As we focus on celebrations and bringing light into the lives of others, it is easy to overlook important personal care lessons reflected in the stillness of nature this time of year.


2021 October 3

Relief from Aches and Pains

(PDF 607 KB)

Full body far-infrared heat and PEMF are free therapeutic enhancements that are available during in-person sessions.


2021 August 10

Healing with Om

(PDF 1,148KB)

Resilience's new bronze Om singing bowl promotes grounding and relaxation.


2021 June 20

It's Finally Time!

(PDF 450 KB)

Resilience has re-opened for in-person sessions.

2021 June 3


(PDF 836 KB)

Challenges of returning to pre-pandemic activities


2021 April 9


(PDF 1,996KB)

Exploring energies of the four elements - earth, water, air and fire - with tips on how to harness them to achieve energetic balance


2021 February 15

It's Been a Looong Haul ...

(PDF 631 KB)

The difficult path through the pandemic and how distance Reiki / healing energy sessions can help



2020 December 13

Making the Most of Your Winter

(PDF 488 KB)

Nature has slowed down. Trees are bare and animals are in hibernation. Focus has shifted from growth and activity to regenerating rest.

2020 October 26

Elections and pandemic and holidays - Oh my!

(PDF 637 KB)

Dealing with an overabundance of powerful super-charged energy


2020 August 28

How prepared are you?

(PDF 629 KB)

Times of crisis are also times of opportunity.


2020 July 2

New! Distance Reiki / Healing Energy for Animals

(PDF 325KB)

I am excited to announce that Resilience now offers distance Reiki / healing energy sessions for companion animals!

2020 May 16

How are you doing?

(PDF 404 KB)

Dealing with disruptions and stressors

2020 April 6

FREE Distance Reiki / Healing Energy Sessions

(PDF 351 KB)

I am happy to offer individual half hour distance Reiki / healing energy sessions as long as Resilience needs to remain closed. These sessions are free as my way of giving back during these difficult times.

2020 March 18

UPDATE: Response to COVID-19

(PDF 412 KB)

Resilience is closing immediately. It will remain closed until epidemiological experts have determined the need for quarantine has passed.

2020 March 15

Response to COVID-19

(PDF 195 KB)

Until further notice, I will accept only one client a day and will provide only touch-free sessions.


2020 March 1

The Healing Power of Sound

(PDF 400 KB)

Various modalities of sound healing are available as enhancements to all Reiki / energy healing in-person sessions.


2020 January 8

Feeling Your Best in Winter

(PDF 554 KB)

A Reiki / healing energy session enhanced by heat and negative ion therapy may be just what you need to help you feel your best ... even in the middle of a Minnesota winter! 


2019 November 28

Thank You!

(PDF 427 KB)

2019 October 28

Staying Resilient as the Seasons Change

(PDF 705 KB)

2019 September 21

Healing Frequencies: The Solfeggio Scale

(PDF 388 KB)

Supplemental sound healing using Solfeggio calibrated tuning forks


2019 July 16

Reiki and PEMF Therapy

(PDF 648 KB)

Now available at Resilience: PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy as used in orthopedics to reduce post surgical pain and accelerate healing, to support bone healing, and to reduce inflammation and joint pain. 

2019 June 19

My Personal Experience with Reiki

(PDF 601 KB)

2019 April 28


(PDF 317 KB)

Cleansing our body, our spirit, our life of negative energy we have picked up

2019 March 31

Resilience's First Anniversary

(PDF 1,042 KB)

Investments made during the past year in the Resilience infrastructure to enrich the healing experience for clients

2019 February 2

Resilience Upgrades

(PDF 321 KB)

Reiki Master certification and review of full body heat mat therapies


2018 December 28

Happy New Year!

(PDF 274 KB)

Exciting new supplemental healing modalities: far-infrared heat and negative ion therapies

2018 December 12

Gift Certificates for the Holidays

(PDF 309 KB)

2018 November 28

Happy Thanksgiving!

(PDF 184 KB)

Ho'oponopono mantra

2018 October 23

Gift Certificates Available

(PDF 309 KB)

2018 October 1

Resilience is Six Months Old!

(PDF 249 KB)

Personal growth and goals for the future

2018 July 18

Shamanic Inspired Sound Healing

(PDF 209 KB)

Shamanic inspired drumming and Reiki working together

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