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compassionate spirit release

At Resilience, compassionate spirit release is an optional shamanic practice available to in-person clients depending on their individual needs and preferences.

Why do spirits attach to us?


In shamanic traditions, a spirit attachment is an entity that is cohabiting the body of a human being. This happens when an entity without a body (for example, a human who has died but has not crossed over) wants to experience, or continue experiencing, life in a human body. The attached entity may not even realize that it is cohabiting, and may not have any malicious intent.


Those particularly vulnerable to spirit attachments include:

  • lightworkers with attractive high vibration energy who do not practice good spiritual hygiene for protection, 

  • people who abuse drugs or alcohol, especially if the entity was into that behavior when alive,

  • those who consistently experience strong detrimental emotions such as stress or fear that entities feed on, and

  • people who spend a lot of time near others who have an abundance of entities around them.

Some people carry forward cohabiting entities from ancestors or from previous lives.

How can I tell if I might have a spirit attachment?

Spirit attachments can manifest in many ways such as

  • unexplained changes in preferences or cravings,

  • memory losses for no known reason or false memories,

  • issues in parts of the body with nothing medically wrong,

  • ongoing unexplained exhaustion or brain fog,

  • lots of drama in life,

  • chronic bad luck, or

  • entrenched addictions or compulsions.

How do you release spirit attachments?

In my role as shamanic practitioner and with the assistance of helping spirits, I work with both my client and the attached entity to free them both.


Through my client, I address a series of questions to the entity to better understand the nature and purpose of the attachment. This will help discover how best to facilitate its release. After an understanding is established, I ask my client to firmly tell the entity that it must leave. The entity is then escorted by the helping spirits to the realm where we have already determined it belongs.


Finally, I channel healing energy to my client to fill the void left by the departed entity and balance their energy field to protect against further attachments.

If there is more than one attached entity and depending on the level of entrenchment of the entities, several sessions may be required to clear them.


What should I do after spirit attachments are released?

You can support your healing process by staying hydrated to help with any detoxification that needs to happen, making sure you get adequate rest, moving your body in ways that feel good to you to keep your energy vibrant and flowing, and spending time in nature.


Paying special attention to grounding and to establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries is also important.

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