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my story

In early 2014, I faced a devastating personal crisis of broken promises and heartbreak that damaged me to the core.


It severely compromised my ability to effectively engage with life, to love or trust myself or anyone else.

face expressing trauma
fractured mirror reflection

My whole life fractured.


My physical and emotional health began to deteriorate and it became extremely difficult for me to do what I needed to do to take care of myself.

Though Western medical practitioners helped me manage some of my symptoms, I was still not able to function very well


and my downward spiral continued.

Sue Aumer and dogs, Max and Loki

Sue with Max and Loki (2015)

I was lucky to have two dogs I loved dearly


and friends who were there for me.


They kept me going.

My friends encouraged and supported me in undertaking what turned out to be

a long, painful and challenging healing journey

that not only saved my life but transformed it.

In late 2014 when I was running on empty and desperate,


I finally took a leap of faith into the realms of energy healing ...


into shamanism, Reiki, intuitive healing ....

Instead of keeping crazy busy trying to keep myself from focusing on my pain,

I learned how to slow down and lean into it,

I learned how to soothe myself,


I learned how to heal.

tiny sprout in a hand

I learned to appreciate the fact that losing my life as I had known it was an opportunity to envision and manifest a new life tailored uniquely for me.

dream catcher

I was able to forgive myself and the others involved in that horrible experience, and to integrate the crisis into my story. 


I was ready to move forward.

The most unexpected and life-changing part of my healing journey is that I recovered intuitive, healing and paranormal gifts which had become dormant over the years.

As my spiritual gifts began to awaken and unfold during healing, using them became my passion.

Resilience business card

Then in April 2018 after training with a variety of practitioners to further develop and refine my gifts

... and a lot of soul-searching,


I responded to the calling to begin my own healing practice.

With the support of a strong community of energy workers, I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to pay it forward

to share my gifts, my passion for healing with others

as a complement to their own healing journeys.

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