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Biofield Tuning® forks

At Resilience, sound balancing with Biofield Tuning® forks is an optional sound healing modality. The use of these forks is dependent on the energetic needs and preferences of each client.

What is the biofield and why does it need balancing?  

In the early 1990s, a team of National Institutes of Health scientists (Rubik et al., 2015) coined the term "biofield" to describe the electromagnetic field that surrounds and penetrates our body and extends outward several feet.

Electromagnetic fields are energy with encoded information. Just as computerized devices use the electromagnetic fields associated with them to encode and save data, similarly our biofields encode and store information about our lives.

Any physical, emotional or spiritual trauma we experience may leave imprints in our biofield. Even after conventional treatment (medical, counseling ...), bits of residual information from the trauma can remain "stuck" in our biofield continuing to disrupt the healthy flow and frequency of its energy.

Such biofield disharmony can result in entrenched chronic issues such as unexplained emotional unrest or nonspecific generalized pain as well as acute symptoms like localized pain or illness.

How Sound Balancing Works


Using the pure harmonic frequencies of one or more of the Biofield Tuning® forks, it is possible to locate areas of dissonance, of "stuck" trauma in the biofield and bring them back into healthy harmony. A sound balancing tune-up can lead to symptomatic relief as well as deep healing. ​

Biofield Tuning® forks

some of the Biofield Tuning® forks used at Resilience

About the Forks

  • Binaural Pair Forks

Two tuning forks with frequencies that are just slightly different are called a binaural pair. When activated together, in addition to the two frequencies of the forks, our brain senses another frequency which is the difference between the frequencies of the two forks. Together, these three frequencies cause a pulsing sensation called a binaural beat. This beat gently entrains, or synchronizes with our brain shifting it into a particular state of consciousness prompted by the specific pulse that is generated.


The Biofield Tuning® set used at Resilience contains two binaural pairs.


+ Schumann Binaural Pair, weighted (54.81 Hz and 62.64 Hz)


This binaural fork pair is designed to generate the natural stabilizing background frequency of the earth's electromagnetic field (7.83 Hz) called the Schumann Resonance. Individually, these forks resonate at the 7th (54.81 Hz = 7 * 7.83 Hz) and 8th (62.64 Hz = 8 * 7.83 Hz) harmonic of the Schumann Resonance.

When activated together, these forks produce a strong binaural beat that entrains, or synchronizes our brain with the earth's calming, grounding pulse. Scientists believe that entrainment with this pulse can have multiple therapeutic effects such as helping to regulate our body's internal clock, and improving sleep patterns and hormonal secretions


+ Fibonacci Binaural Pair, weighted (89 Hz and 144 Hz)

The frequencies of the Fibonacci fork pair (89 Hz and 144 Hz) correspond to the 11th and 12th numeric positions in the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence underlies and defines the beautiful spiraling patterns found throughout nature from the swirling of galaxies to the branching of trees to the uncurling of ferns to the formation of snail shells to the helices of DNA.​

When activated together, the Fibonacci pair harnesses the harmonics embedded in these unfolding patterns of nature. Re-tuning our biofield to this sublime sound template can help to balance our nervous system, heal trauma and boost creativity.

Sonic Slider tuning fork

Sonic Slider

with circuit boot

  • Sonic Slider, weighted (93.96 Hz)


The frequency of the Sonic Slider fork is the 12th harmonic of 7.83 Hz, the electromagnetic pulse of the earth called the Schumann Resonance (93.96 Hz = 12 * 7.83 Hz). It is designed to be used directly on the body. With an attached metal circuit boot, it effectively delivers its calming, grounding frequency directly to troublesome locations, for example, where muscles are knotted or sore.


This fork is remarkable for its ability to produce noticeable changes rather quickly. Supported by this restorative frequency, a wide range of outcomes have been reported such as pain and tension reduction, improved muscle tone, a sense of calm and enhanced overall well-being.

  • 174 Hz, 417 Hz and 528 Hz unweighted Group

The 174 Hz fork, often called the "workhorse," can be used to comb the entire biofield untangling and freeing up energetic blockages that have been stored there giving a sense of deep release and relief. These blockages can be the result of anything from current physical or emotional challenges to unresolved childhood trauma to ancestral issues from generations long past.


After the heavy duty process of combing, the 417 Hz and 528 Hz forks can be used to soften and clarify the tones of the biofield inducing relaxation and a feeling of lightness.

  • 144 Hz and 222 Hz unweighted "Peacemaker" Pair

When used together, this pair invokes a healthy balance between doing and being.


The 144 Hz fork helps to locate energetic "wrinkles" and works to smooth them. It is especially useful in very stuck or stubborn areas helping the body to relax and release deep subconscious tension.

The soothing, calming, and nurturing sound of the 222 Hz fork helps bring us to a place of serenity, invoking inner calm, quiet and a feeling that all is well with the world. 



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