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power animal retrieval

At Resilience, power animal retrieval is an optional shamanic practice available to in-person and distance clients depending on their individual needs and preferences.

What is a power animal?

In shamanic traditions, power animals are spirit guides that embody virtues associated with the animal's archetype such as wisdom, courage, passion, confidence or transformation. 

When we welcome a power animal as our spirit guide, this animal can help us tap into and develop the personal and spiritual powers we need at a particular time in our life. When our inner strengths are thus maximized, we are better equipped to deal with the challenges we face and live life more fully.


Gifts From Power Animals

With their archetypal virtues, our power animals can help us gain insights into different aspects of our lives. And they can protect, guide or heal us during this process.


Our power animal also assists us with life lessons we need to learn. After we have learned them, our animal may leave us to be replaced by another more appropriate for the next phase of our personal journey.

What if I'm not shamanic?

Unfortunately, many of us have lost touch with our shamanic roots - and with our power animals. But the good news is that we can easily reclaim them if we have the desire.

If the concept of power animals resonates with you - for example,

  • if animals have appeared to you in your dreams in ways that feel significant,

  • if you've ever felt an unusually strong affinity with a particular animal species, or

  • ·if the idea of having an animal spirit guide just appeals to you,

then meeting your power animal may offer you another perspective and valuable resources on your life's journey.


Discovering Your Power Animal

One way to discover your power animal is through a power animal retrieval during your Reiki / healing energy session at Resilience. This retrieval will be seamlessly integrated into either your in-person or your distance session.

To find your power animal, I will take a brief shamanic journey to nonordinary reality where power animals are found or I will use oracle cards - perhaps both.


After your session, I will introduce you to your animal and share any information or messages that your animal may have for you. 

Getting to Know Your Power Animal

The animal that stepped forward for you is your own unique power animal. What this animal's archetype means and can provide to you may be totally different from what the same archetype may represent or give to someone else.

After you receive your power animal, you may want to meditate on your animal or journal on what this animal means to you which will help strengthen your relationship with your animal.


In any case, it is important to be open, to listen to your intuition and to pay attention to your dreams in order to discover and receive all that your power animal has to offer you.

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