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Tao pillow therapy

At Resilience, Tao pillow therapies are available to enhance your healing experience at no additional cost.

Overview of Tao Pillow

The Tao pillow is a soft heated memory foam pillow that can add both comfort and benefits to your Reiki / healing energy session.


Its design was perfected by sleep experts to bring optimal support for your head and neck when you are reclined. In addition, this pillow provides hot stone, far-infrared and negative ion therapies.

Hot Stone Therapy


An abundance of four gemstones are embedded in this pillow:

  • 2 pounds of crushed amethyst,

  • 0.25 pounds of crushed tourmaline,

  • 0.25 pounds of crushed obsidian, and

  • 0.25 pounds of crushed jade.

These crushed gemstones are contained in channels that conform naturally and comfortably to the shape of your neck and head. When heated, their gentle warmth relaxes neck and shoulder muscles, releases tension​, and melts away stress and anxiety.

Far-Infrared Therapy

Far-infrared (FIR) heat is essentially the same kind of rejuvenating heat you experience in sunlight but without the harmful UV rays. It has been called nature's pain reliever.


When the gemstones embedded in the Tao pillow are heated, they release FIR heat waves that penetrate up to six inches below the surface of the skin helping to alleviate all types of musculoskeletal discomfort including muscle spasms, stiffness and tenderness.


NB: The level of FIR heat provided by this pillow can be customized based on the individual needs and preferences of the client.

Negative Ion Therapy


Negative ions (oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron) are commonly found in nature, most frequently around bodies of water when exposed to heat (for example, sunlight or lightning), and at lower levels from other sources such as crystals. These ions have been scientifically linked to health and wellness but getting them in sufficient quantities in our daily lives is not always easy.


The gemstones in this pillow naturally emit healthy negative ions. When heated, the stones become activated and provide benefits at a higher level. These benefits include supporting physical health, boosting energy, improving mood and, as some evidence suggests, suppressing symptoms related to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Tao pillow

Tao pillow




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