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"Thanks Sue for a great Reiki session ... When I came over my back hurt, my neck was tense and I was stressed out ... Your healing touch was really helpful and I loved that Marty the dog was in the room helping."


"Sue is a gifted healer and practitioner whose primary concern is the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of her clients. I came to her, weak, sleepless, and barely able to keep small amounts of food down. After only three sessions, I was able to enjoy food again and slept 7 hours straight for the first time in months. If you live anywhere near the Twin Cities and have issues, you could not do better than to schedule an appointment with Sue."


"Sue is a true healer. She is masterful at intuiting forces & signs for change that you’ve already received in your life but not fully acknowledged. Sue is a teacher who holds a gentle space that empowers moving on from what no longer serves. I love the many ways she works with the healing energies of sound. My first Reiki session, ever- glad I waited for the best!"




Marty, my former healing helper

"Sue truly has a gift! I could feel her energy flow into and through my body leaving me completely relaxed. The feeling of calm and peace and relaxation stayed with me the rest of the day and I slept better than I have in a long time."


"I’ve had multiple healings with Sue, and they have always been exactly what I needed. Sue is insightful and is very skilled at reading energy. She is constantly striving to learn more techniques to expand on her natural abilities, too! She’s respectful of my space and she partners with me in my healing. When the healings are finished, I always leave feeling at peace and ready to take on life. I’m so grateful to have Sue in my life, she is truly a gifted healer!"


"I had my first Reiki session recently and felt it was an amazing experience. Practitioner Sue Aumer is very perceptive and gentle. I felt a deep state of relaxation and warm energy flow from her touch. Her feedback provided me some new insights and paths to explore in life's journey. I intend to schedule more sessions with her."


"Highly recommended! Sue has created a warm and inviting space that complements her gifts. I quickly felt comfortable and open to receive the benefits of Reiki. I came away with a calmer demeanor, feeling more relaxed in mind and body with greater focus. I’m grateful for Sue’s talents and her willingness to benefit others like me. I’ve purchased gift certificates for friends and loved ones and will be sharing my praise for Sue!"


"I had my first session of Reiki Healing Energy with Sue Aumer today. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a very enlightening, and I definitely would like to schedule another session! You have a real gift for this, and I thank you for sharing it with me!"


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