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"The wound is the place where light enters you."

- Rumi

Sue Aumer

Sue Aumer, PhD

Usui Holy Fire® III

Reiki Master practitioner/energy worker

Hiawatha neighborhood

of south Minneapolis MN USA


Holy Fire® is a registered service mark of William Lee Rand.

Resilience: Healing Energy by Sue Aumer LLC
is about empowering the very best in us and our companion animals - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

To this end, Resilience offers Reiki / healing energy

These sessions can help accelerate healing on multiple levels, reduce pain and discomfort, facilitate deep relaxation and quality sleep, and improve well-being - essentially helping to optimize all aspects of health so we and our companion animals can live life more fully.



healing helper in training




my former healing helper

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Client Bill of Rights

Pursuant to MN Statute 146A.11

As a Resilience client, you are entitled to the very best! 

Because I want my practice to be as effective and welcoming as possible, I encourage feedback and suggestions for improvement in any facet of my business.

about Reiki / healing energy

The word Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a combination of the Japanese words "rei" meaning universal and "ki" meaning life energy. Reiki is an ancient Eastern energy healing methodology that was codified and introduced to the West in the early 20th century. Though Reiki's foundation is spiritual in nature in that it draws upon our connection to a higher universal energy, it is not a religion: It involves no dogma or worship.

Eastern energy healing practitioners have known for some time and Western scientists and medical professionals are beginning to recognize that all living beings have intrinsic energy fields or biofields. [1]

"Reiki" written in kanji

"Reiki" written in Japanese kanji

Challenges to our health and well-being from circumstances such as physical or mental illnesses, injuries, surgery, emotional trauma, abuse, spiritual questioning and ancestral issues are mirrored in our biofields. Though medical providers, therapists and religious mentors can help us heal on various levels, we may still feel a bit out of step with life and even ill as a result of imprints that such challenges leave on our energy fields. Healing our energy fields is where Reiki / healing energy excels.

As a complement to services from more conventional professionals, energetic adjustments, corrections and enhancements provided by a trained Reiki practitioner / energy worker have been shown to help

  • accelerate healing on multiple levels (physical, emotional and spiritual),

  • reduce pain and discomfort,

  • support deep relaxation and quality sleep, and

  • improve well-being.

With its record of positive outcomes in the West, Reiki is becoming more widely accepted by Western medicine as an effective complementary healing modality. [2]

shamanic work

If you request shamanic work or if any is indicated as part of your healing journey, we will review the process before proceeding.

Shamanic practices involved may include:

(available in-person and distance),

(available in-person only),

(available in-person only), or

(available in-person only).

Though Reiki is my core practice, I also identify as an energy worker to acknowledge influences from other domains in which I am trained such as shamanism, Qigong and intuitive healing that inspire my work and enrich the healing experience for my clients.

references - Reiki

[1] WebTeam. "The Human Energy Field." The Scientific & Medical Network, 2, Apr. 2016,

[2] Lepine, Eugenio. "Reiki is Reaching the Top Hospitals." Human Frequencies.


NOTE: It is important to remember that Reiki / healing energy is NOT a substitute for, but rather is complementary to, conventional medical treatment. Always consult a licensed medical/veterinary professional if you have concerns about your/your animal's physical or emotional health.


therapeutic enhancements
for in-person Reiki / healing energy sessions

  • Tao pillow therapies (hot stone, far-infrared and negative ion) targeting neck and shoulders are offered during every session.

depending on your energetic needs and preferences.

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